We would like you to meet the staff of the St. John's Home for Children. These are the incredible people that help make the St. John's Home for Children what it is on a daily basis, and dedicate themselves to serving the children and families entrusted to our care. We are especially grateful for their service and commitment to the St. John's Home for Children.

Dr. Jill Bradshaw, M.D., Contracted Psychiatrist

Paul Weigel, Contracted Therapist
Jamie Billick, Contracted Registered Nurse
Chad Kocher, YCW Team Leader

Marcus Black, Youth Care Worker
William Campbell, Youth Care Worker
Devin Eiler, Youth Care Worker
Terry Smith, Youth Care Worker
Kerensa Walker, Youth Care Worker
James Forrester, Youth Care Worker
Laura Forrester, Youth Care Worker
Sarah Welling, Cook/Youth Care Worker

Amy Pramesa, Secretary
Tracey Turani, Part-time business office assistant
Tina Carinci Morris, Contracted Marketing and Development Specialist