Former Bishops


Whelan Rt. Rev. Richard Vincent Whelan, D.D. Consecrated March 21, 1841, Bishop of Richmond. Made First Bishop of Wheeling in 1850. Died July 7, 1874.
Kain Rt. Rev. John Joseph Kain, D.D. Consecrated May 23, 1875, for the Diocese of Wheeling. Transferred June 15, 1893, to the Titular Archiepiscopal See of Oxyrynchia. Appointed July 6, 1893, Coadjutor cum jure successionis to the Most Rev. Archbishop of St. Louis. Succeeded as Archbishop of St. Louis May 21, 1895. Died October 13, 1903.
Donahue Rt. Rev. Patrick James Donahue, D.D. Consecrated April 8, 1894, for the Diocese of Wheeling. Died October 4, 1922.
Swint2 Most Rev. John Joseph Swint, D.D. Appointed Titular Bishop of Sura and Auxiliary Bishop of Wheeling February 22, 1922. Consecrated May 11, 1922. Appointed Bishop of Wheeling December 11, 1922. Appointed Assistant at the Pontifical Throne June 14, 1929. Promoted to rank of Archbishop "ad personam" March 12, 1954. Died November 23, 1962.
mcdonnell Most Rev. Thomas John McDonnell, D.D. Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of New York June 21, 1947. Consecrated September 15, 1947. Appointed Coadjutor cum jure successionis to the Diocese of Wheeling March 7, 1951. Died February 25, 1961.
Hodges Most Rev. Joseph H. Hodges, D.D. Ordained December 8, 1935. Appointed Titular Bishop of Rusadus and Auxiliary of Richmond August 8, 1952. Ordained to the episcopacy October 15, 1952. Appointed Coadjutor cum jure successionis to the Bishop of Wheeling on May 24, 1961. Succeeded to the See of Wheeling on November 23, 1962. Died January 27, 1985.
michaels Most Rev. James E. Michaels, D.D., S.S.C. Ordained to the priesthood December 21, 1951. Appointed Titular Bishop of Verbe and Auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Kwangju, Korea, on February 15, 1966. Ordained to the episcopacy on April 14, 1966. Appointed Auxiliary to the Bishop of Wheeling March 26, 1973. Resigned as Auxiliary Bishop to embrace a life of solitude and prayer on the grounds of a Trappist Monastery September 22, 1987. Died September 21, 2010.
Schulte Most Rev. Francis B. Schulte, D.D. Ordained to the priesthood May 10, 1952. Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia and Titular Bishop of Afufenia June 27, 1981. Ordained to the episcopacy August 12, 1981. Appointed Sixth Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston June 4, 1985. Installed July 31, 1985. Appointed Twelfth Archbishop of New Orleans December 13, 1988. Installed February 14, 1989.
schmitt Picture of Most Rev. Bernard W. Schmitt, D.D. Ordained May 28, 1955. Appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston and Titular Bishop of Walla Walla in May of 1988. Ordained to the episcopacy on August 1, 1988. Appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston by Pope John Paul II in 1989 and was installed as 8th Bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston on May 17, 1989. Retired in 2005 with the title of Bishop Emeritus.